Tiago Forte’s First Principles of Workflow, Design, and Productivity

Episode 17: Tiago Forte and Khe Hy

First principles of workflow design (a 2-part episode)

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A note from Khe:

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Tiago’s First Principles of Workflow

Tiago’s Toolkit

Khe’s First Principles

Khe’s Toolkit

Tiago Workflow Deep-Dive

Principle 1: Finishing every work session with a clear deliverable or milestone

“Make packets of work small”

“What really creates momentum is an accelerating pace of rewards. Break down work into smaller and smaller packets, to create an accelerating pace of rewards

Principle 2: Optimize for intensity (via ACTIVE time tracking)

“You must actively track your time. The point is deliberate awareness of your time allocation, not data collection.”

People tend to have very fuzzy edges. They’re sort of checking their email and slowly transitioning from email to a project, but keep going back to check email. To maximize productivity, You need a clean break. 🙅

Live look at Tiago after realizing he only works 25 hours per week.

This is seriously throws into question the idea of a 45 hour work week

“When you start working in this way, it completely cuts down on multi tasking and switching. Because If you decide to multi-task, you have to constantly go into your app and clock in and out of tasks.

My intensity isn’t reinforced by my morals or values (“I should do intense work”) it’s enforced because active time tracking makes multi-tasking a pain.”

“There’s something human about wanting little bits of distraction & that’s not morally wrong”

Principle 3: All Priorities are Local

In productivity, priorities are a BIG deal. You’re supposed to make a list of priorities #1 through #10, and then cross out #2 — #10 and do #1.

“The key here is ‘random access‘ — having more than 1 way to access your tasks”

When I have an hour to read, I don’t want to spend the hour I have looking for things to read, I want to spend it actually reading!!!

By typing in the word “read,” I can instantly see everything I need to read across all projects and areas on one list

The Tiago ToolKit

It‘s based what I’m trying to accomplish. If it can go on Evernote, it should.

You’re tapping into human idea to want novelty and distraction. Don’t treat this desire like a moral failure, use it to your advantage!

How do I evaluate my progress in Areas of Responsbility such as Health? I know there are things I could do better. Should I accept that and be satisfed and equanimous? Or is that signaling that I need a change?

The tug of war between equanimity & [driving for change]
Note: Affiliate link, proceeds will support RadReads growth

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