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  • Brandon Chu

    Brandon Chu

    GM, Platform @shopify. Still a PM at ❤️.

  • Nick Maggiulli

    Nick Maggiulli

    Financial Blogger at OfDollarsAndData.com. Full Disclosure: Not investment advice. See OfDollarsAndData.com/Terms for full disclaimer.

  • Wilson Galyean

    Wilson Galyean

    Saying “I don’t know” is a good thing. Enterprise tech PM at a BigCo. Army Ranger in a previous life.

  • Jeff Vandroux

    Jeff Vandroux

    Attorney-CPA-Bodybuilder-Coder. Maintainer of BTCPay-Python library. Populist.

  • Promethean Groan

    Promethean Groan

    Candor and consequence

  • Alex Woodard

    Alex Woodard

    Research Analyst @Arca Funds II Irregular Articles

  • Pantera Capital

    Pantera Capital

    The investment firm focused exclusively on blockchain tech & cryptocurrency. Subscribe to receive our newsletter: http://info.panteracapital.com/subscribe

  • Jack Purdy

    Jack Purdy

    Research Analyst @Messari

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