Six lessons from building and selling our startup

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“We signed.”

It was midnight when these two life-changing words arrived via text message. I sat alone in the punishing glow of my computer monitor. I was exhausted, delirious, and shaking in disbelief. After a 6 year climb, we had reached the summit of the startup mountain. We had sold the company.

It was a treacherous and lonely ascent. Our company, Liveoak, faced near-death experiences, unfamiliar terrain, and a rapidly changing environment. …

Tiago Forte’s First Principles of Workflow, Design, and Productivity

First principles of workflow design (a 2-part episode)

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RadReaders curated the top 9 learnings from this 💯 podcast

Naval Ravikant, CEO & Co-Founder of AngelList

Shane Parrish, founder of the fantastic Farnam Street blog, recently hosted Naval Ravikant on his Knowledge Project Podcast. Naval is the CEO & Co-Founder of AngelList, and one of the most interesting thinkers of our time. We’ve compiled some of our favorite learnings below — but the whole episode is a must-listen.

Richard Hughes-Jones on foundational values

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Thinker. Reader. Figuring it out.

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